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Course Calender - Online Mandatory OHS Course

Mandatory Online OHS Course - (English course)


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Apropos Kommunikation's web-based occupational health and safety training offers a streamlined and professional online 5-step process:

  1. Enrollment: Enroll in your desired course whenever you're ready to begin. You can choose between the dates available when booking. 

  2. Platform Access: Gain access to the learning platform. After being granted acces, you are now ready for the course.

  3. Activity Planning: Develop and upload an mandatory activity plan. The purpose of the acitivy plan is to ensure you will complete the course. 

  4. Task Completion: Engage with mandatory assignments and successfully navigate through the course modules.

  5. Course Evaluation: Conclude by evaluating the course's effectiveness.

The course is 100% online

Starting from April 1, 2023, our online course eliminates the need for physical attendance. Therefor we can now provide a sophisticated online OHS-course that grants you entry to learning modules while maintaining close interaction with instructors throughout the program. 


Upon enrollment, you'll receive a personalized login for our online learning system, granting you the flexibility to engage with the content at your convenience. The course consists of 10 modules and involves tackling practical assignments. The program is designed to span 22 hours and should be completed within a 3 to 7-weeks timeframe. You dont need to start the course imidiately, but you'll need to complete the course before the 7 weeks. 


Who is this course relevant for?

The Occupational Health and Safety Training is a mandatory education for occupational health representatives and supervisors who are members of a workplace health and safety group. If you are interested in health and safety, work in HR etc. you are also welcome to join the course. 


Full flexibility

As mentioned above, the course is 100% online meaning you dont need to show up on a location. When you are ready you can start the course and have a maximum of 7 weeks to complete. In the written assignments, you will actively work with the occupational health and safety within your company. Thus, you are equipped in the best possible way to participate as an active contributor in your occupational health and safety organization.


The online course is a great choice for you, who like to work in a flexible manner whenever it suits you. On the other hand if also requires participants to independently structure and plan the course progression.


The course material

Throughout the course you will go through 10 online modules. The modules is designed based on participants' workplace challenges and insights into how the law can be applied in daily scenarios. The aim of the web-based occupational health and safety education is to equip participants with knowledge about the tasks they will face, as well as provide the skills to address these tasks and navigate within the legal framework.

Throughout the course, you will work independently on the digital learning platform. However, the goal is to enhance collaboration in your workplace. Participants are encouraged to involve their occupational health and safety organization, especially when working on the assigned tasks.

Within the web-based occupational health and safety education, various topics are covered, including:


  • The formal legal basis
  • The structure, composition, and tasks of the occupational health and safety organization
  • Key concepts within the scope of occupational health and safety law
  • Rights, duties, and responsibilities
  • Preventive occupational health and safety work
  • Workplace injuries, work-related illnesses, and near misses
  • Psychological work environment

The practial

When booking the course you choose a start date that suits you the best. You are able to choose between two different dates per week (Tuesday and Thursday). When you have been granted access to the course material, the first thing you need to complete is an activity plan. The plan will not be accepted nor rejected by the teacher. If you have any questions or concerns during your course period, please feel free to reach out to your instructor. 

It is mandatory that you throughout the maximum of 7 weeks complete the course including the assignments given to you. At the end of the course it is mandatory for you to evaluate the course. 


When you have completed the course, the assignment and the evaluation the instructor will provide you with feedback as well as an certificate. 



Price per participant: DKK. 2.996 excl. VAT


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